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Bruce G. Doddridge, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland USA
301-405-7625 (Lab)
301-314-9482 (Fax)

My current NASA Affiliation:

    Chemistry and Dynamics Branch Head
    Science Directorate
    Mail Stop 401B
    NASA Langley Research Center
    Hampton, Virginia 23681-2199 USA
    Phone: 757-864-1713
    Fax: 757-864-6326
    Cell: 757-268-6659

  • Atmospheric Photochemistry
  • Meteorology-Chemistry Synergy
  • Regional Air Pollution
  • Photochemical Smog
  • Fine Particulate Haze
  • Research Aviation
  • Interannual Variability
  • Global Climate Change
  • New and Improved Instrument Systems
  • Data Base Management Systems

    Dr. Doddridge joined the department from Australia as a postdoctoral fellow in early 1988, and was promoted to faculty rank in 1992. He spent time as a program officer directing the Atmospheric Chemistry Program at the National Science Foundation from 2002-2005 and managing the Tropospheric Chemistry Program at NASA Headquarters from 2005-2006. In October 2006 he became Head of the Chemistry and Dynamics Branch at the NASA Langley Research Center, a permanent civil service position. His current position at the University is that of Adjunct Professor. His research expertise includes: (i) laboratory development of sensitive, selective, and reliable trace gas analyzers for extended field use; (ii) using such instruments for field measurements of key players in photochemical ozone production, both in clean and polluted environments; (iii) aspects of modern communications technology to acquire and transport data from unattended and/or remote sites, and improved methods of handling the large data bases this technology can produce; (iv) combining chemical and meteorological data as qualitative tools to gain an understanding of source regions of anthropogenic air pollutants, and of the factors affecting regional air quality; (v) determining regional budgets of key photochemically active trace gases, trends in their abundance, and establish causes and effects of these trends, including the role of climatic forcing in interannual variability; and (vi) in situ aircraft evaluation and validation of meteorological and trace gas data sensed remotely from space. Dr. Doddridge has authored or co-authored over 50 publications in peer-reviewed professional journals, and is a member of the American Association for Aerosol Research, the American Geophysical Society, the American Meteorological Society, the Air and Waste Management Association, and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Dr. Doddridge is married to Susan (in 1990), and has three children, Derek (born 1991), Juliana (1993), and Matthew (1995). They reside in Ellicott City, MD and will move to Hampton, VA in the summer of 2007.

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