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We live in Columbia, MD. It's a famously planned community. My parents, Paul and Linda Davidoff, were urban planners, so we like living here.

Before that, we lived in Takoma Park, MD, where we rented a sweet old bungalow. (Here's an inside view.) Before that, we were in Somerville, MA.

My wife, Heather Kirk-Davidoff, and I have twin sons named Paul and Isaac, a foster-daughter named Kara, and, most recently, a daughter named Rosa. Here's a more recent picture of our family, minus Kara, plus cousin Anna.

A January 2001 picture of Paul, Isaac and Rosa, and one of Heather and Rosa.

We're happy hikers! Here are Paul and Isaac on Moosilauke and Rosa on Mt. Cardigan, both in New Hampshire. Here are Heather, Rosa and my sister Carla on Mt. Sabbatus in Maine, and Isaac, Rosa and me on the Charles River. More recently, we've finally (on the fourth attempt!) made it up and over Old Rag. Here's Rosa and Paul near the top. Paul's gotten us all into doing the 50 state high points. We did Delaware, Maryland, West Virginian and New Jersey in the fall of 2005. We bagged Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri in 2006, and North Dakota in 2007. This picture of Paul in Shenandoah National Park reminded me of a famous painting.

Heather is the Enabling Minister of Kittimaqundi Community Church. Before that, she has been Spritual Director and Community Leader of the Washington Area Interfaith Familes Project (IFFP), and before that she was the pastor of the First Congregational Church of Somerville, in Massachusetts. She's also been involved with Emergent, and a project called EWLI. She's published an evangelism study guide, which can be purchased here, and a book of worship resources, with her co-author, Nancy Wood-Lyczak. Together, they make up Kirkwood Associates. She also maintains a blog.

I'm a member of Columbia Jewish Congregation, and an associate member of Havurat Shalom. I also like going to shul at Fabrangen and at the Zoo Minyan.

My brother Tom is an Assistant Professor in the Strategy and Business Economics Division of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.

My sister Carla sells antiques and cool stuff on E-Bay, and raises her son Pablo in New Paltz, NY.

My sister Susan does special education in the Newton MA. Public Schools . She has a daughter Anna.

Our mother Linda died on New Year's Eve, 2003. In her last job, she directed the Citizens Union of the City of New York. Here's a nice obituary.

Some web pages I like:

  • Live view from Mount Washington.
  • The Digital Tradition.
  • MassBike: The Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts.
  • The Gotham Gazette.
  • The Nation.
  • A poem about weather forecasting.

    A nice sunset.

    The photo was taken from the Mystic Valley Parkway, looking over the Upper Mystic Lake. Return to Meteorology homepage
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