1. Name of organization: MetoGrads
  2. The purpose of this graduate student organization is to provide a foundation for bringing students together to perform group activities that allow for the building of character, experience, and excellence in the field of Meteorology. MetoGrads understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland, College Park policies.
  3. In order to become a member of MetoGrads one must be a full-time/part-time student registered student in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (AOSC) at the University of Maryland. MetoGrads openly admits AOSC graduate students to its membership and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. A member of the group may be appropriately disciplined if they violate the University of Maryland Student Code of Conduct.
  4. There will be a Graduate Student Committee in Meteorology (GCM) that acts as the action committee for MetoGrads and it will be comprised of no less than six officers:

    i.     President (Extra-Mural Activities Coordinator) – The President of MetoGrads will be responsible for shaping the vision and maintaining the order of the graduate student group. This will include calling meetings, working closely with faculty, disseminating duties out to the GCM, and any other duties listed in the Student
    Organizations Manual. The President will also be responsible for organizing community events like graduation events, bowling, team sports, BBQs, etc., and will assist the AOSC administration with recruitment and orientation for new students.

    ii.    Vice President (Extra-Mural Activities Coordinator II)- The Vice President of MetoGrads shall assist the President in performing their duties, and shall take the lead for the organization of several of the MetoGrads events.

    iii.   Secretary One (Student Seminar Coordinator(s))- The Student Seminar Coordinator will be responsible for
    maintaining the organization and scheduling of the informal student seminar and to disseminate these events
    to the AOSC graduate student body. The coordinator may invite speakers from within and outside the
    university environment to present seminars in addition to the student seminar. This should enhance the
    students’ ability to network with occupational possibilities.

    iv.   Secretary Two (Facilities Coordinator(s))- Secretary Two will work closely with members of the Department of
    AOSC Administration regarding office spaces and student life. He/She will maintain an updated record of all
    pertinent information about incoming, current, and graduating students.

    v.    Secretary Three (Computer Resources Coordinator(s))- Secretary Three will be responsible for collecting
    inquiries from the student body regarding computer software, hardware, and training. These suggestions will
    be presented to a Meteorology department computer committee and handled with as much resolve as
    possible. He/She will also organize short courses on software usage and computer programming.

    vi.   Treasurer (Resources Coordinator)- The treasurer will ultimately be responsible for maintaining a log of all
    finances the flow through MetoGrads.

    vii.  GSG Representative – The Graduate Student Government Representative from the Department of
    Atmospheric and Oceanic Science will serve as a liaison between MetoGrads and the University at large.

    viii. Committee chairs, whose selection is described in Article 9, will also be considered MetoGrads officers and
    members of the GCM.

    In order to serve as a member of this committee one must be a full-time University of Maryland AOSC graduate student in good academic standing. Every student who becomes a committee member of the GCM will be able to remain in that position for the term of their office, unless they fall below full time status, or fall below the requirements for academic success. In addition, a committee member may choose to resign from their position at any time by written notice to the Faculty Advisor of the GCM. An election must follow a resignation within 14 days. At no time shall any member of the GCM act in a tyrannous manner.

  5. The advisor of the student group must be a University of Maryland faculty or staff member that is willing to perform the duties set forth in the Student Organizations Manual. An advisor will be chosen at the beginning of every fall semester. The graduate student director will generally occupy this position unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the faculty and GCM.
  6. Elections will take place during the spring semester (typically March). If necessary, there may be an additional election at the beginning of the fall semester to account for spring graduations. Also, an election may occur at any time in the semester within 14 days of the resignation of a committee member. Any full-time student that is a member of MetoGrads is eligible to run for office. Before an election, there will be a formal meeting of all current and prospective members of MetoGrads. Persons nominated for office may briefly explain why they think they should be in the office position they are nominated for at the above stated meeting. At that meeting, votes will be cast confidentially by placing names in a hat. The votes will be counted at that time. The winner of the election will upon completion of the meeting become an active member of the GCM.
  7. General Meetings will be called by the GCM and are open to all graduate students. There must be at least one general meeting per semester. The GCM shall meet at least six times per year. The year shall run from the first day of Spring semester classes to the last day of Fall semester classes to roughly correspond with the terms of elections. The time and location of meetings will be determined by the president upon agreement with other committee members. The quorum of GCM meetings shall be a majority of the committee members present in order for official business to occur.
  8. The GCM will submit a budget to the Student Government Association Finance Committee on an annual basis and will request funding that is appropriate to the effective operation of the organization each year. The Treasurer shall receive and safely secure, under direction of the GCM, all monies paid to the Association and shall expend the same only upon the order of the GCM. The Treasurer shall keep an exact account of the receipts and expenditures with vouchers, statements, receipts and/or invoices for the latter. The Treasurer and the GCM shall complete an audit of the Treasurer’s books each year prior to the annual meeting.
  9. The following committees are necessary to the operation of the departmental program and so must be in operation each year:

    i.       Graduate Student Committee in Meteorology (GCM)The GCM will be inherent to MetoGrads and must exist            for proper functioning of graduate student activities. Other committees may be formed at any time as needed
    by majority vote of the elected officers. Committee chairs will be appointed by the president with the advice
    and consent of the elected officers via majority vote, and will be considered a member of the GCM.
    Committee chairs have full discretion to select committee members but shall not discriminate against any

  10. Any member of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Science department’s graduate student body may submit a proposed amendment. Any submitted amendment must be brought before the elected board at the first regularly scheduled meeting and deemed worthy of consideration by a majority vote before being formally brought to the attention of the AOSC graduate student body at large. Considered amendments shall be published to the AOSC graduate student body for a two-week period for discussion and voting. All AOSC graduate students must be notified of the considered amendment via email. Amendments shall be ratified by a 2/3 majority of received from the AOSC graduate student body. Votes not received within a two-week period will not be considered.The duties of the GCM officers may be altered according to a ¾ majority vote taken at a GCM meeting as long as  those changes still provide for the betterment of MetoGrads.
  11. This constitution will become effective upon a 2/3 majority of “yea” votes within a one-week period of the proposed constitution being published via email to qualified AOSC graduate students. Votes may be received only by the President via email. If at the end of the one-week period a quorum of the qualified AOSC graduate student body has arisen at a 2/3 majority “yea” vote, the vote will be closed and the constitution will be adopted. If this criterion is not met the voting period may be extended as needed until a quorum has been achieved.