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In the spirit of getting to better know our fellow faculty and grad students, each month we will feature a new “Get to Know..” profile for one professor and one grad student. Check back here the first of every month to see who we pick and find out more about what interesting research they do and what some of their hobbies and interests are!

This Month's Profiles

Tim Canty

With a background in physics, Tim is working to better understand the chemistry of our atmosphere… He also can make delicious sausages and desserts!

Yunyao Li

Seemingly destined to this field from when she was born, Yunyao researches thunderstorms, their dynamics, and their microsphysics.

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    Dec, 2013

    Russ Dickerson

    From the cold reaches of Spitsbergen to the tropical warmth of Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Dickerson has traveled the globe to understand how air chemistry affects us all.

    Linda Hembeck

    Linda’s research focuses on the chemistry in the real atmosphere and air quality models, with particular interest in tropospheric chemistry. She hopes to improve existing air quality models by understanding their strengths and weaknesses…

    Oct, 2013

    Derrick Lampkin

    The Iceman cometh! Dr. Derrick Lampkin joins AOSC, adding another interdisciplinary perspective to the department. He specializes in ice sheet dynamics and their impacts on the Earth’s climate…

    Fang Zhao

    Hailing from the cleanest town in the East, Fang is trying to figure out just how hard our planet breathes…

    Sep, 2013

    Adam Greeley

    Growing up in a sleepy, hippie, town in Vermont, Adam is now the Metograds president and is currently working on measuring the properties of snow with lasers…

    James Carton

    Professor Carton, growing up outside Chicago, and with a background in physics and computer science, is now the chair of the department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science here at the University of Maryland, with academic interests in the ocean’s role of climate variability…