AOSC and AMSC/CMSC Classes at UMD
Academic Year 2018-2019
AMSC RIT: Data Assimilation Research Interaction Team
This AMSC RIT is tackles data assimilation from a variety of angles, theory to operational applications. It stems from the Weather-Chaos Group at University of Maryland. The team mebers closely interact with faculty mentors.
AOSC 432: Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean
Equations of motion and their approximation, scale analysis for the atmosphere and the ocean. Conservation properties. Fluid motion in the atmosphere and oceans. Circulation and vorticity, geostrophic motion and the gradient wind balance. Kinematics, balanced and unbalanced flows, vorticity and potential vorticity, as well as brief introduction to synptic weather systems and ocean circulations.

Other Classes
AMSC 460: Computational Methods
[ '11 Spring ]
Basic computational methods for interpolation, least squares, approximation, numerical quadrature, numerical solution of nonlinear equations, systems of linear equations, and initial value problems for ordinary differential equations. Emphasis on the methods and their computational properties rather on their analytic aspects.
AMSC/CMCS 663/664: Advanced Computational Methods
[ '16- '17 | '13- '14 | '12- '13 | '11- '12 ]
In the sequence AMSC/CMCS 663/664 students work on a year-long individual project to develop software for a scientific task in a high performance computing environment. Lectures will be given on available computational environments, code development, implementation of parallel algorithms.
AOSC 615: Advanced Methods in Data Assimilation
['16 Spring | '11 Spring | '09 Spring ]
The course will provide an in-depth overview of the advanced data assimilation methods. It will cover theory and techniques, as well as possible drawbacks and strategies to overcome them. Some lectures will be given by guest speakers who are the leading experts of data assimilation.
AOSC 818: Frontiers in Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, and Synoptic Meteorology Research
[ '11 Fall | '11 Spring | '10 Fall ]
Weekly seminar course on atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences to broaden scientific horizon. Interaction with leading scientists and researchers in the field. Formerly AOSC811.
Kayo Ide at UMD Teaching 2018 Spring