Theses Advised

Rebecca Elaine Eager (Ph.D. January 2022; advisors: Sumant Nigam & Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas): Regional Preferences in Seasonal and Multidecadal Loss of Arctic Sea Ice: Potential Mechanisms. Staff Scientist and Manager, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, MD.

Agniv Sengupta (Ph.D. December 2019): Sea Surface Temperature-based Statistical Prediction of South Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Distribution. The 2019 Monsoon Forecast. Dean's Fellow 2014-15; NCAR-CESM Tutorial Award 2017; Leah Thornton Lozano Graduate Fellow 2017; Goldhaber Travel Award 2017; Eugene Rasmusson Fellowship 2018.; UMD Outstanding Research Asst. 2018-19; Ann Wylie Dissertation Fellowship 2019; AOSC's Outstanding Dissertation 2020. Postdoctoral Fellow (with Duane Waliser), NASA/JPL CalTech.

Natalie Paige Thomas (Ph.D., December 2018): On the Origin of Hydroclimate Change over Continents through Seasonally-Stratified Trends. Dean's Fellow 2014-15; NDSEG Fellow 2015-18; NASA-JPL Climate Science Summer School 2016; Goldhaber Travel Award 2017; Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship 2018; NCAR-CESM Tutorial Award 2018; Best Student Publication 2018; Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA-GSFC Global Modeling and Assimilation Office.

Ni Dai (Ph.D., Summer 2018; advisors: Phil Arkin & Sumant Nigam): El Nino Southern Oscillation and Related Precipitation in Recent Atmospheric Reanalyses and CMIP5 Model Simulations; Postdoctoral Fellow (with Brian Soden), RSMAS, Univ. of Miami.

Stephen Baxter (Ph.D., Winter 2015/16): Observed Teleconnections in Northern Winter: Subseasonal Evolution and Tropical Linkages. AMS Graduate Fellowship 2010; CMNS Dean's Fellowship 2011; Eugene Rasmusson Fellowship 2013; Best Student Publication 2015; Best Doctoral Dissertation 2016; Staf f Meteorologist, NOAA Climate Prediction Center, College Park, MD.

Yongjing Zhao (Ph.D., Summer 2014; defense on 1 August; advisors: Eugenia Kalnay & Sumant Nigam): Application of breeding to nonlinear waves and diurnal cycle in the MARS reanalysis., Big Data Specialist, Capital One Bank, McLean, VA

Argyro Kavvada (Ph.D., Summer 2014; advisors: Sumant Nigam & Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas): Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: Surface and subsurface thermohaline structure and hydroclimate impa cts. Eugene Rasmusson Fellowship 2014; Booz Allen Hamilton, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC

Kye-Hwan Kim (Ph.D., May 2013): Statistical Modeling of Atlantic hurricane activity using atmospheric reanalyses and IPCC simulations and projections. Lt. Colonel, South Korea Air Force, Seoul.

Massimo Bollasina (Ph.D., April 2010): Surface and aerosol effects on the South Asian monsoon hydroclimate. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, Univ. of Maryland Graduate School 2008-2009; Best Student Seminar 2008; Global Climate Change Fellowship, The Green Fund Foundation 2009; Best Doctoral Dissertation 2010. Postdoc, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton University (2010-2013); WCRP Young Scientist Award 2011;WMO Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award 2013;
AGU James R. Holton Junior Scientist Award 2013; Assistant Professor, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2013-).

Bin Guan (Ph.D., October 2008): Pacific decadal SST variability and North American droughts. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, Univ. of Maryland Graduate School, 2007-2008; Univ. of Maryland Goldhaber Travel Award 2007. Visiting Scientist, Climate Physics Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Bin Guan in NASA/JPL News.

Ching-Yee Chang (Ph.D., July 2008; advisors: Sumant Nigam & James Carton): Seasonal and interannual ocean-atmosphere variability in the tropical Atlantic: Observed structure and model representation. Univ. of Maryland Goldhaber Travel Award 2007; Visiting Scholar, Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley.

Megan Linkin (Ph.D., May 2008): North Pacific climate variability and Arctic sea ice. AMS Global Change Travel Scholarship 2005-07; University of Maryland Goldhaber Travel Award 2006. Atmospheric Peril Specialist.
Vice President, Global Partnerships, Swiss Re, Armonk, New York.

Steven Chan (Ph.D., April 2008): On the summertime development of the North Pacific sea-level pressure anticyclone. NASA Earth System Science Fellow, 2004-07; NSF East Asian-Pacific Summer Institute Fellow, 2004.
Scientist, UK Meteorological Office, Exeter, UK.

Scott Weaver (Ph.D., May 2007): The Great Plains Low-level Jet: Structure, variability mechanisms & hydroclimate impacts. Center for Teaching Excellence Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, 2004-05;  Research Meteorologist, NOAA Climate Prediction Center, College Park;  Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) 2012.

Alfredo R Barradas (Ph.D., May 2001; advisers: James Carton & Sumant Nigam):  Interannual-to-decadal air-sea interactions in the tropical Atlantic region.  Research Associate Professor, Dept. of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, University of Maryland.

Eric T DeWeaver (Ph.D., May 1999):  Zonal-eddy dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Hemisphere zonal index.  Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic iences, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2002-2008).
Director, Climate and Large-Scale Dynamics Program, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.

Mathew Barlow (Ph.D., March 1999):  Climatological evolution and decadal variability of North American warm-season hydroclimate.  Associate Scientist, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI), Columbia University, NY (1999-2002); Staff Scientist, AER, Cambridge, MA (2002-2005).
Associate Professor, Department of Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Ying Dai (Ph.D., February 1999): Dynamical diagnosis of Pacific North American (PNA) variability pattern.  NOAA Postdoctoral fellow at NCEP/EMC; now with Northrop Grumman IT, McLean, VA.

Chul Eddy Chung (Ph.D., January 1999):  ENSO Variability and Asian summer monsoon.  NASA Global Change Graduate Student Fellow (1994-97).  Research Scientist (with .V. Ramanathan), Center for Atmospheric Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD (2001-2007); Research Scientist, University of Helsinki, Finland (2007-2009).
Associate Professor, Dept. of Env. Science & Eng., Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology, Gwangju, South Korea.


Justin Hicks (Spring 2020): Large-scale Circulation Context for Atmospheric Rivers: Influence of the North-Pacific Oscillation / West Pacific Teleconnection.

Natalie P. Thomas (Winter 2018): Twentieth-Century Climate Change over Africa: Seasonal Hydroclimate Trends and Sahara Desert Expansion..

Agniv Sengupta (Winter 2016): The 2015-16 El Nino Episode: Classical Onset with Complex Evolution..

Nicholas Esposito (2015; co-advised by Anil Deane, IPST): Validation and verification, unit testing and canonical simulations using NASA GISS ModelE GCM.

Argyro Kavvada (M.S., May 2013):AMO's Structure and Climate Footprint in Observations and IPCC AR5 Climate Simulations. Ph.D. Student, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, University of Maryland.

Stephen Baxter (M.S., May 2012): A Sub-seasonal Teleconnection Analysis: Wintertime PNA Development and Its Relationship to the NAO. Ph.D. Student, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, University of Maryland.

Joanne Hall (M.S., May 2011): Intercomparison of GFDL-CM2.1's 20th century climate simulation and CRU-TS3.0 observations of surface air temperature. Ph.D. Student, Department of Geography, University of Maryland.

James Reagan (M.S., September 2010; co-advisor James Carton): A new comprehensive hydrographic Arctic observation data set. CMPS Dean's Fellow. Scientist, SP Systems Inc., Greenbelt, MD.

Hezekiah Carty (M.S., May 2009):  Diurnal variability of the spectral and vertical properties of tropical precipitation.
ESSIC-NASA Goddard Graduate Fellow. Scientist, MDA Federal, Rockville, MD.

Martina Ricko (M.S., December 2009): Variability of the water cycle over the Mediterranean Sea: Regional processes and air-sea interaction.

Nabeel Keblawi (M.S., May 2006):  Factors contributing to variability of the North American Monsoon. DC Space Grant Consortium Fellowship 2007. Horizon Wind Energy, Houston, TX.

Baoyu Yin (M.S., September 1997): Role of mountains in the generation of seasonal climate anomalies.  NASA Earth System Science Graduate Student Fellow (1996-97). Support Scientist, Goddard Modeling and Assimilation Office, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD.

Horng-Syi Shen (M.S., May 1991): Structure of oceanic and atmospheric low-frequency variability over the Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans in COADS Observations.. Assistant Professor, Environmental Info. & Eng., National Defense Univeristy, Taiwan.