AOSC 652: Analysis Methods in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

Week 1: 29, 31 Aug 2016

Intro to Linux & Text Editing

Classroom presentations:

AOSC652_2016_0829.pdf  Video (sorry, the audio is very low)

AOSC652_2016_0831.pdf   Video (sound is A-OK !)

Student Survey:


Honor Code Statement:


Useful links:

Linux Tutorial for Beginners (please review tutorials 1 to 4 & 6 if you've never used linux before)

The Ultimate Linux Reference Guide for Newbies (general linux info) (click on "Quick Reference Cards" for

                                                                             info about Linux and various Linux applications) (overview & intro to vi and emacs) (nano text editor)  (nedit text editor) (psswrd protected) (psswrd protected)

Useful files:





AOSC652_2016_assign_01.pdf (due 5 pm on Fri 2 Sep: can place completed assignments in Ross's AOSC mailbox)

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