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NCAR GV taking off from Guam airport, 19 Jan 2014, for Research Flight 4 of the NSF CONTRAST field campaign

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B.S., Applied and Engineering Physics, 1981, Cornell University

Ph.D., Applied Physics, 1987, Harvard University

Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate, 1988 to 1994, Harvard University

Professional Experience

2007 to present: Joint appointment with:

  • Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center

at the University of Maryland, College Park

2005 to 2007: Visiting Faculty Associate, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA


1994 to 2007: Research Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

Research Interests

Quantification of the effects of human activity on the composition of Earth’s atmosphere by the development of computer models used to analyze a wide variety of observations. Focus on climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion and recovery, air quality, and the global carbon cycle. Participant in numerous atmospheric chemistry field campaigns and Earth Observing Satellite missions, including the Convective Transport of Active Species in the Tropics (CONTRAST) field campaign conducted in Guam during Jan and Feb 2014, and the on-going FLAGG-MD effort to quantify the fluxes of atmospheric greenhouse gases in Maryland and nearby regions.

Major Recognitions and Honors

Professional Service and Outreach


Yours truly, with community members and activists at a meeting entitled "Think Globally/ Act Locally"

held April 2017, Church of the Brethren, University Park, Maryland. About 100 people attended this

far ranging, ~2 hour long discussion sponsored by the Prince George's Country Resist Coalition.

Students Mentored

Presently supervising the research of 7 graduate students and 2 faculty research assistants at UMD who are working on a wide range of research topics related to atmospheric chemistry and climate. In the past have had close collaboration with a dozen graduate students at Caltech, University of Colorado, and Harvard as well as supervision of research studies of 5 postdoctoral fellows.

Contact Info

Phone: 301 - 405 - 5396

Email: rjs@atmos.umd.edu

Mailing Address: 4254 Stadium Drive, College Park, MD 20742


A little fun for those who have scrolled so far.

I have benefited from many great instructors at Cornell and Harvard, as well as Fallstaff Elementary (especially Ms. Wood, who emphasized that hard work was the most important ingredient for success) and Pimlico Junior High School (especially Mr. Moody, my first teacher to instruct that it was important to question authority). My future was shaped by the outstanding education at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (BPI) a premier public high school (especially Mr. Gneiting and Mr. Sanford, who taught me how to appreciate science at a deep level including self-education, and Ms. Strickland, who taught chemistry as an elegant science). At the time I attended, BPI was in the midst of a most remarkable transformation.  My senior class had N - 1 men, and 1 woman, because a courageous young lady who had graduated the year before threatened a lawsuit if she could not attend.  As a result, there was also 1 woman in my graduating class.

Below is a picture of my home room class, Ae1, senior year, taken on the day of our Boiler Project presentations.  My group described the results of our rendition of the Millikan Oil Drop experiment, which we conducted with the help of a Professor of Physics at nearby Morgan State University.   I'll be impressed if you can identify me in this photo.

A click will reveal what I looked while in high school.  User beware!

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