Previous Graduate Students

Russell R. Dickerson, Advisor or co-advisor

Dissertations found here.

 Student (doctorates) Degree   Department Graduation


 1. Kenneth E. Pickering Ph.D.   Meteorology 1987

      Dissertation: Observations of Tropospheric Trace Gases and

      Techniques for Assessing Regional Transport of Air Pollutants.

Current position: Senior Physical Scientist NASA GSFC.

 2. Winston T. Luke Ph.D.   Chemistry 1990

      Dissertation: Reactive Nitrogen Compounds in the Troposphere:

      Observations, Transport, and Photochemistry.

Current position: Research Scientist NOAA Air Resources Laboratory

 3. Linda J. Nunnermacker Ph.D.   Chemistry 1990

      Dissertation: Calibration and Detection Techniques for Trace

      Nitrogen Compounds in the Atmosphere.

Current position: Research Scientist DOE Brookhaven national Laboratory

 4. Olga Poulida Ph.D.   Meteorology 1993

      Dissertation: Observations and Photochemistry of Reactive Trace

      Gases in the Atmosphere. 

Current position: Frederick Research Center, Cyprus

 5. Kevin Civerolo Ph.D.   Meteorology 1996

      Dissertation: Development and use of a High Sensitivity, Fast

      Response Nitric Oxide Detector for air Quality Monitoring and

      Eddy Correlation Flux Measurements.

Current position: research scientist at Department of Environmental Conservation.


 6. Shobha Kondragunta Ph.D.   Chemistry 1997

  The Impact of Aerosols on Urban Photochemical Smog Production.

Current position: Program Manager NOAA

 7. Kevin P. Rhoads Ph.D.   Chemistry 1998

  Dissertation: "The Influence of Continental Emissions of the Composition

of the Remote Marine Boundary Layer."

 8. Raymond Morales Ph.D.   Chemistry 1998

  Dissertation: "Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, and Hydrocarbons in the Baltimore

Metropolitan Area."

 9. Kristen Hallock-Waters Ph.D.   Chemistry 2000

Dissertation: "Trace Gas Observations over Rural Virginia: 

Photochemistry and Transport."

Co-Advised with B. G. Doddridge.

Associate Professor Stockton College, NJ.

 10. Alex J. DeCaria Ph.D.   Meteorology 2000

  Dissertation: "The Effects of Convection and Lightning on the Chemistry of the

Troposphere Studied with Cloud, Transport, and Chemistry Models"

Committee chair; Advised by K. E. Pickering

Professor of Meteorology, Millersville University

 11. Ana I. Prados Ph.D.   Chemistry 2000

  Dissertation: "The export of ozone and other atmospheric trace species from

North America: Observations and numerical simulations."

 12. Rokjin Park Ph.D.   Meteorology 2001

The Interaction of Regional- and Global-Scale Atmospheric 

Chemistry, Transport, and Climate Processes.  Associate Professor, Seoul National university.

 13. Lung-Wen (Antony) Chen Ph.D.   Chem. Physics 2002

  Dissertation: "Urban Fine Particulate Matter: Chemical Composition and

Posible Origins."  

Research Scientist DRI, Nevada.

 14. William Swartz Ph.D.   Chemistry 2002

  Dissertation: "Quantifying Photolysis Rates in the Troposphere

and Stratosphere" (Res. Sci., Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.)

 15. Joern Burkert           Ph.D.      Physics             2003

University of Bremen, Germany; co-Advisor with John P. Burrows.

Dissertation: "Modellierung der Troposphaerischen ozon und Radicalchemie"

                  ("Modelling of Tropospheric Ozone and Radical Chemistry")  


 16. YuJin Choi Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2004

   (Co Advisor S. Ehrman)

  Dissertation: “Chemical Transport Modeling of Air Pollution in Maryland: 

Investigations of the Role of Biogenic Emissions”


 17. Brett F. Taubman                Ph.D.       Chemistry 2004 

Dissertation: "Airborne Characterization of Regional Aerosol Origins

and Optical Properties"

Asst Prof. Department of Chemistry, Appalachian State University


 18. Robert C. Levy Ph.D.       Meteorology 2007

  Dissertation: "Second Generation Retrieval of Tropospheric Aerosol

Properties from Inversion of Visible and Near-Infrared Spectral

Reflectance: Application over Maryland"

  Current Position: SCientist NASA/GSFC.

 19. Jennifer C. Hains Ph.D.       Chemistry 2007

  Dissertation: "A Chemical Climatology of Lower Tropospheric Trace Gases

and Aerosols over the Mid-Atlantic Region" 

Research Scientist Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  


 20. Bryan J. Bloomer Ph.D.       Meteorology 2008

  Dissertation: "Air Pollution Response to Emissions Changes at Power 

Plants in the Eastern United States"

  Current Position: Manager STAR Program USEPA, Washington.

 21. Can Li Ph.D.   AOSC 2008

Dissertation: "Emissions, Transport, and Evolution of Atmospheric Pollutants 

from China: An Observational Study"

  Co Advised with Z. Li; Current Position: Research Associate, NASA/GSFC

 22. Patricia Castellanos Ph.D.   Chem. Engin. 2009

Dissertation:"Analysis of air Quality with Numerical Simulations (CMAQ) and

Observations of Trace Gases" advised jointly with S. Ehrman.

  Current Position: Reserach Scientist, Meteorological Studies, NASA/GSFC.

 23. Pedro Bueno Ph.D.   Chemistry 2011

Dissertation: “Probing nanoparticles with photoacoustic spectroscopy”

Advised jointly with M. Zachariah

Current Position: Shell Oil, Houston.

 24. Elena A. Yegorova Ph.D. AOSC 2011

Dissertation: “An evaluation of a severe smog episode in the

eastern U.S. using regional modeling and satellite measurements”    

Advised Jointly with Dale Allen.  

  Current position: Scientist NRC.

 25. Christopher P. Loughner Ph.D.   AOSC 2011

Dissertation “Impacts of fair-weather cumulus clouds, bay

breezes and landuse on urban air quality and climate”    

Jointly advised with Dale Allen.  

    Current position: Scientist NOAA.

 26. Hao He Ph.D.   AOSC 2012

Dissertation: “Air Pollutant Concentrations and Trends over

the Eastern U.S and China: Aircraft Measurements and Numerical Simulations”    

  Current position: Postdoc ESSIC.

 27. David M. Giles Ph.D.   AOSC 2012

Dissertation: “A Study Of Remotely Sensed Aerosols Properties from

Ground-Based Sun and Sky Scanning Radiometers”    

  Current position: NASA Support Scientist-Chief.

 28. John E. Yorks  Ph.D.   AOSC 2014

Dissertation: “An Investigation of Cirrus Cloud Properties Using Airborne Lidar" 

Research Advisors M. McGill & A. Thompson, NASA. Current position: San Francisco.

 29. Lacey C. Brent Ph.D.   CHEM 2014

Dissertation: “Development, Enhancement, and Evaluation of Aircraft Measurement Techniques for 

Criteria Air Pollutants" 

  Current position: Foreign Affairs Officer, NY Air National Guard.

 30. Daniel L. Goldberg Ph.D.   AOSC 2015

Dissertation: “Lifetime and Distribution of Ozone and Related Pollutants 

in the Eastern United States" 

  Current position: Geo Washington Univ.

 31. Daniel C. Anderson Ph.D.   AOSC 2016

Dissertation: “Photochemistry and Transport of Tropospheric Ozone and its Precursors in Urban and Remote Environments"" 

  Current position: NASA Postdoc.

 32. Timothy P. Vinciguerra Ph.D.   ENCH 2016

Dissertation: “Observations and Emissions of Energy-Associated Ozone Precursors in the Mid Atlantic United States"  

  Principal Advisor S. Ehrman, Current position: TCEQ

 33. Gina M. Mazzuca Ph.D.   AOSC 2018

Dissertation: “Examination of the Photochemistry and Mesoscale Meteorology Associated with Poor air Quality in the US" 

  Current position:

 34. Eric J. Hughes Ph.D.   AOSC 2018

Dissertation: “Improving Forecasts of Volcanic Clouds: An analysis of Observations and Emission Source Term Methods" 

  Research Advisor N. Krotkov, NASA Current position: Miner and Kasch, Inc.

 35. Scott C. Ozog Ph.D.   AOSC 2019

Dissertation: “The Diurnal and Seasonal Radiative Effects of Cirrus Clouds Utilizing Large Airborne and Space-Borne Lidar Datasets" 

  Research Advisors M. McGill & J Yorks, NASA. Current position: San Francisco.

 36. Sarah E. Benish Ph.D.   AOSC 2020

Dissertation: “Examination of Photochemistry and meteorology of Atmospheric Pollutants from the North China Plain" 

  Current position: Res. Scientist EPA, North Carolina

 37. Courtney D. Grimes Ph.D.   CHEM 2021

Dissertation: “Light Absorbing Aerosols: Calibration, Measurements, and Emissions from New York City" 

  Current position: Washington Dept. Energy and Environment

 38. Doyeon Ahn Ph.D.     CHEM 2021

(Co Advisor Ross Salawitch)

Dissertation: “Quantifying the Emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from Human Activities:

Top-Down and Bottom Up Approaches" 

  Current position: Postdoc Geo. Washington Univ.

 39. Nikita M. Fedkin Ph.D.     AOSC 2021

(Co Advisors Can Li and Nick Krotkov, NASA)

Dissertation: “Applications of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument in Observing Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Plumes and Sulfate Deposition"  

  Current position: Postdoc. NASA/GSFC

 40. Dolly L. Hall-Quinlin Ph.D.     AOSC 2022

Dissertation: “Air Pollution Emissions From Highway Vehicles: Quantifying Impacts of Humidity, Ambient Temperature, and COVID-19−Related Travel Restrictions"  

  Current position: Traffic Planner Durham, NC

 41. Xinzhou Huang Ph.D.  AOSC 2022

Dissertation: “Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Trace Gases from Spaceborne UV Measurements"  

  Co-advised with Kai Yang. Current position: Postdoc.TBD

Masters of Science

 Steven R. Messina M.S.   Meteorology 1985

      Thesis: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Meteorology and

      Air Pollution at Deuselbach, West Germany.

 Donna P. McNamara M.S.   Meteorology 1988

      Thesis: Origin of Tropospheric Ozone over Central U.S.

 Brian S. Gockel M.S.   Meteorology 1988

      Thesis: Modeling and Observations of Trace Gases in Cumulus


 William F. Ryan M.S.   Meteorology 1990

      Thesis: Synoptic-Scale Variations in the Vertical Distribution

      of Ozone in the Lower Great Plains of the United States.

 Olga Poulida M.S.   Meteorology 1991


 Leslie Moy M.S.   Meteorology 1992


 Kevin Civerolo M.S.   Meteorology 1993


 Fred Fahlbusch M.S.   Meteorology 1993


 Robert Gersten M.S.   Meteorology 1995


 Paul Kelley M.S.   Meteorology 1996


 Monica Spinnenweber M.S.   Meteorology 2000

 Eleanor Sparer M.S.   Meteorology 2001


 Anu Nadarajan         M.S.     Chem Engin.         2001

    Thesis: "The formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols from a-Terpine."  

     (Joint advisor with S. Ehrman & R. Calabrese).


 Bryan J. Bloomer        M.S.     Meteorology 2004


 Zahra Chaudhry M.S.   Meteorology 2005

 Brittany K. McClure M.S.   Chemistry       2007

Thesis: “OMI Tropospheric Sulfur Dioxide Retrieval: Validation and Analysis” 


 Nicole Carbanaro M.S. Chemistry 2009


 Samantha Carpenter M.S. Chemistry 2016



Undergraduate research was directed for Melody A. Owens (B.S. Physical Science, 1988), David Johns, Jr. (B.S. Chemistry, 1989), James Yeinger (B.S. Physical Science, 1990), William Hutchison (B.S. Physical Science, 1991), Abby Lindstrom (B.S. Chemistry, 1992), Nestor Suarez (B.S. Civil Engineering, 1992), Charles Piety (B.S. Chemistry, 1993), Dean Pinson (B.S. Physical Science, 1995), Peter Kivett (B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1995), Fernando Rodriguez (B.S. Physical Science 1997), Song Ji (Chemistry, 2000), Eric Ellingson (With KEP) (ENCH, 2001), Lori McGuire (Physical Science, 2001), Teresa Ip (Chemistry, 2002), Elena Deviatova (Yegorova)(CMSC/PHYS, 2004), Lauren Zamora (MEES 2004).