UMD AOSC Seminar

Enhanced surface heating and accelerated snow melt in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau induced by absorbing aerosols

Dr. William K. M. Lau

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Laboratory for Atmospheres

The warming of the land surface and rapid retreating glacier and snowpack in Hindu-Kush-Himalayas-Tibet (HKHT) are well known observations often attributed to effect of greenhouse warming. In this talk, I will discussed two alternate possible factors: a) the elevated -heat-pump (EHP) effect, and b) snow-darkening effect caused by absorbing aerosols (dust and black carbon) over the Indo-Gangetic Plain and Himalayas foothills, that may lead to substantial warming of the atmosphere and land surface, and rapid snowmelt in the HKHT region. The implications of these results on natural and anthropogenic forcings, and responses of the Himalaya and Tibetan glaciers will be discussed.

April 1, 2010, Thursday

Seminar: 3:30-4:30pm
Computer and Space Sciences (CSS) Building, Auditorium (Room 2400)
Refreshment is served at 3:00pm in the adjoining Atrium

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