Joint Dept. History - AOSC Seminar

Climate Controversies:
Science and the Politics of Knowledge about Global Climate Change

Prof. Paul Edwards
University of Michigan
School of History

Why does global warming remain controversial despite the scientific consensus on climate change? In this talk, I will first argue that fundamental structures and techniques of climate research such as the ongoing re-examination and renanalysis of historical data play a substantial part in keeping climate knowledge controversial. Next I will discuss three climate controversies of the last 15 years: (1) putative discrepancies between temperature retrievals from satellite instruments and from radiosondes, (2) the "hockey stick," and (3) a supposed warm bias in the US historical climate network. In conclusion I'll speculate a bit about the future of climate science in an age when blogs and independent "audits" are challenging traditional peer review systems, even as the prospects for international climate negotiations and carbon-neutral energy futures seem to be dim.

May 10, 2011,Tuesday

Seminar: 11:30am

CSS 2416

[Contact: Professors Thomas Zeller (History) & Kayo Ide (AOSC)]
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AOSC 818. Frontiers in Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, and Synoptic Meteorology Research