There are two main data archives:

Current Data
Historic data

Current Data

Current data refer to data for the current month (we updated to 2010/08). Instantaneous data are accessible from this Web site within one day after the actual observation. Hourly and daily data are provided with a two-day delay, to allow the collection of a complete record for each "local" day in the GCIP domain.

At the completion of the "current month" of data, the files are placed in the archive of "historic data", and the loop repeats. Historic data have been archived since January 1996.

In each archive, the following parameters are currently available:

  • surface downward shortwave radiation
  • surface downward photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)
  • top of atmosphere downward shortwave radiation
  • top of atmosphere upward shortwave radiation
  • cloud cover fraction
  • surface skin temperature

For each parameter, instantaneous and hourly and daily average data are provided.

Current GCIP SRB data can be accessed via here. Please regist, and get the user name and password. All files in the archive are compressed using the utility "gzip". For detailed information on file names, file and grid structure, sample Fortran read programs and sample outputs, click the word Readme