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This plume dispersion was calculated using the NOAA HYSPLIT model. 

More information can be found here: http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/HYSPLIT.php

April 8, 2011


The animation above shows the dispersion of 1 unit mass of material injected between a height of 0 and 2000 m altitude, over Fukushima. The color bars show how the concentration of this material evolves as atmospheric mixing disperses the material. If 1 ton of material were emitted, the color bars correspond to concentrations of:

     Yellow = 10 nanograms per cubic meter
     Dark Blue = 1 nanograms per cubic meter
     Green = 0.1 nanograms per cubic meter
     Light Blue = 0.01 nanograms per cubic meter

Calculations such as this are the basis for statements by many scientists that radiation will be diluted, to levels below thresholds of concern for human health, by the time these air masses reach North America.



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Disclaimer:  The figures on this webpage illustrate air parcel  trajectories found using the publicly accessible NOAA HYSPLIT model. The movement of hazardous material through the atmosphere is subject  to many uncertainties, many of which are not considered here. These  products are intended solely for educational purposes. Neither the University of Maryland nor the people generating these products accepts responsibility for any action taken based on information on this webpage. We do appreciate feedback and comments.