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These trajectories were calculated using the NOAA HYSPLIT model. 

More information can be found here: http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/HYSPLIT.php

April 14, 2011


Air parcel trajectories found using the NOAA HYSPLIT model, as a function of plume height, for release over the Fukushima power plant. Each figure corresponds to release on the indicated date. The top panel of shows the forecast projection of the plumes, with each circle representing a 24 hr period of time. The uncertainty in location is represented by the line segments drawn through each circle (these uncertainties are difficult to estimate at later portions of the trajectory).

The bottom panel of shows the forecast altitude of the trajectory. Dotted lines indicate where rainfall occurs.

The entry point into North America of each trajectory is indicated.

The concentration of hazardous material is greatly reduced by mixing along the trajectories. In addition, most hazardous materials are removed by rainfall



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Disclaimer:  The figures on this webpage illustrate air parcel  trajectories found using the publicly accessible NOAA HYSPLIT model. The movement of hazardous material through the atmosphere is subject  to many uncertainties, many of which are not considered here. These  products are intended solely for educational purposes. Neither the University of Maryland nor the people generating these products accepts responsibility for any action taken based on information on this webpage. We do appreciate feedback and comments.