Dr. Xinrong Ren

Senior Research Scientist

Univ. of Maryland Dept. of Atmos. & Oceanic Sci.

NOAA Air Resources Laboratory

R/ARL - NCWCP - Room 4259

5830 University Research Court

College Park, Maryland 20740

Phone: 301-683-1391

Fax: 301-683-1370

E-mail: Xinrong.Ren@noaa.gov

Homepage: www.atmos.umd.edu/~xinrong  (Full CV)

Researcher ID: www.researcherid.com/rid/E-7838-2015




Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Peking University, 2001

B.S. in Applied Chemistry, Peking University, 1996


Professional Experience

10/2012 – present              Senior Research Scientist & Aircraft Program Director, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland College Park

01/2011 – present              Research Scientist, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory

01/2011 – 09/2012            Associate Scholar, Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University

08/2007 – 12/2010            Research Associate Professor, RSMAS, University of Miami

10/2005 – 07/2007            Research Associate, Departmental of Meteorology, Penn State University

06/2001 – 09/2005            Post-doctoral fellow, Departmental of Meteorology, Penn State University

09/1996 – 06/2001            Research Assistant, Center for Environmental Sciences, Peking University


Teaching Interests

Atmospheric Chemistry; Air Pollution; Environmental Chemistry; Instrumental Analysis for Environmental Monitoring; Quantitative Analysis; General Chemistry


Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, atmospheric photochemical oxidation processes, greenhouse gas emissions, ground-based and aircraft monitoring of atmospheric pollutants, laser spectroscopic and chromatograph methods for environmental monitoring, model simulation of atmospheric oxidation.

Research Projects

02/2015 – 09/2015      “Analysis of Ozone Production and Its Sensitivity in Houston Using the Data Collected during DISCOVER-AQ”, PI, University of Maryland, sponsored by Taxes Commission on Environmental Quality.

07/2012 – 06/2017      “American Mercury Network (AMNet)” for ambient mercury monitoring at 3 sites, co-I (PI: Dr. Winston Luke), NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, sponsored by NOAA.

01/2015 – 12/2015      “Operation of NADP/MDN Beltsville, MD Station”, PI, sponsored by Maryland Department of Natural Resources, University of Maryland (renewable annually).

01/2014 – 06/2015      “Operation of Passive GOM Sample at the Beltsville Station and Data Analysis”, PI, University of Maryland, sponsored by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

10//2014 – 09/2017     “Regional Air Quality Impact of Natural Gas Production Operations”, co-I (PI: Sheryl Ehrman), University of Maryland, sponsored by NSF.

09/2014 – 09/2016      “Fluxes of Greenhouse Gases in Maryland: FLAGG-MD”, co-PI (PI: Russell Dickerson), sponsored by NIST, University of Maryland (FLAGG-MD Project).

06/2014 – 09/2015      “Climate Maryland: Measurements of Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Other Emissions from Natural Gas Operations (Climate RAMMPP)”, co-PI (PI: Russell Dickerson), University of Maryland, sponsored by Maryland Department of Environment.

05/2014 – 06/2015      “Aircraft Observations in Support of GOES-R/VIIRS”, co-PI (PI: Russell Dickerson), University of Maryland, sponsored by NOAA.

10//2012 – 11/2013     “Surface Measurements of Trace Gases in Support of DISCOVER-AQ in Houston in Summer 2013”, PI, University of Maryland, sponsored by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) (NASA DISCOVER-AQ Houston 2013).

10/2012 – 07/2013.     “Data Analysis for the Dallas-Fort Worth Field Study in 2011”, co-I (PI: Dr. Barry Lefer), University of Maryland, sponsored by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

07/2012 – 06/2013      “Aircraft Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury and Trace Gases, co-I (PI: Dr. William Landing), Florida State University, subcontract from University of Tennessee Space Institute.

01/2012 – 12/2013      “Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (DC3)” project, co-I, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory /Penn State University, funded by NSF/NASA (NSF/NASA DC3 Project )

08/2009 – 08/2012      “Southeastern Atmospheric Mercury Consortium”, co-I (PI: Prof. William Landing), Florida State University, sponsored by NOAA.

08/2010 – 11/2011      “SHARP data analysis: Radical Budget and Ozone Production”, co-PI, University of Miami, sponsored by TCEQ (Houston SHARP project 2009).

06/2009 – 11/2011      “Measurements of Nitrous Acid and Nitric Acid during BEARPEX 2009”, PI, University of Miami, sponsored by NSF (BEARPEX 2007 & 2009 Project/)

06/2010 – 05/2011      “Laboratory Study of Nitrous Acid Formation through surface Photolysis of Nitric Acid and Nitrate”, PI, University of Miami, Provost Research Award.

03/2009 – 12/2009      “Deployment of HONO Calibration System and HONO Instrument during Study of Houston Atmospheric Radical Precursor (SHARP)  2009”, PI, University of Miami, sponsored by Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC).  (Houston SHARP project 2009)

05/2008 – 12/2008      “Air Quality Monitoring in the Coastal Environment of Miami, FL”, PI, Summer Research Award, University of Miami.

08/2007 – 12/2008      NASA Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS)”, Co-PI, University of Miami, a NASA subcontract through Penn State University (NASA ARCTAS 2008)

06/2007 – 12/2008      Biosphere Effects on Aerosols and Photochemistry Experiment at Blodgett Forest, CA (BEARPEX) , Co-Investigator, Penn State University (BEARPEX 2007 & 2009 Project/)

06/2006 – 12/2007      Taxes Air Quality Study 2006 (TexAQS II) , Co-Investigator, Penn State University, sponsored by Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC). (TexAQS II 2006)

09/2005 – 12/2008      NASA Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment-B (INTEX-B) , co-I, (PI: Dr. William Brune), Penn State University, funded by NASA. (NASA INTEX-B 2006)

09/2003 – 12/2006      “NASA Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment-A (INTEX-A)” ”, co-I (PI: Dr. William Brune) , Penn State University, funded by NASA. (NASA INTEX-A 2004 ) 

01/2004 – 12/2005      “Experimental and Observational Investigation of the Sensitivity of Ozone and Aerosol Formation to NOx and VOCs”, co-I, (PI: Dr. William Brune), Penn State University, funded by the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation.

09/2002 – 07/2007      Tropospheric Oxidation Chemistry: Atmospheric Observations and Laboratory Study of OH, HO2, RO2, and OH Reactivity, and the Response of Atmospheric Air Perturbations (a 5-year NSF program) , co-I (PI: Dr. William Brune), Penn State University, funded by NSF.

08/2003 – 12/2004      “Experimental evaluation of observation based methods for assessing the sensitivity of ozone to VOC and NOx”, a U.S. EPA project collaborated with University of California at Riverside, Co-Investigator, Penn State University.

01/2002 – 12/2003      “Intercomparison of peroxy radical measurements at a rural site using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and Peroxy Radical Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (PerCIMS) techniques,” Co-I, Penn State University, sponsored by NSF.

06/2001 – 06/2004      “PM2.5 Technology Assessment and Characterization Study-New York”, a project funded by U.S. EPA (PMTACS-NY 2001 & 2004)

09/1997 – 06/2001       Ph.D. study on establishment of laser-based and HPLC-based methods for measuring hydroxyl radical in simulated and real atmosphere; investigation air pollution formation in urban areas in China. 

03/1999 – 01/2000      “China-MAP” Project, a collaborative project with Georgia Institute of Technology

07/1998 – 11/1998      “Control of Nitric Oxides in Guangzhou City, China”, a UNDP project, Research Assistant

09/1996 – 06/1997      “Investigation of isoprene reactions with O3 and OH in a simulated smog chamber using LP-FTIR”, Research Assistant

06/1996 – 08/1996      “Air Quality Study in Yanshan Petroleum area, Beijing”, Research Assistant

02/1996 – 06/1996      “Study on the Photochemical Pollution in Beijing”, Research Assistant


Recent Publications (Full List,  For Citation and H-index, see www.researcherid.com/rid/E-7838-2015)

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