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As of January 2017, I have formally returned to the federal government, where I have spent more than a decade at NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Environmental Modeling Center working as a member of the data assimilation team in the global weather and climate modeling branch.  I maintain a close connection to the department as an adjunct assistant professor.


My primary interest is in the use of data assimilation to improve numerical weather prediction, most recently through the use of the hybrid EnVar algorithm for the NCEP Global Forecast System model. I am also interested in atmospheric predictability, ensemble forecasting methods, and numerical modeling.


More generally, I am interested in a wide variety of atmospheric phenomenon including mid-latitude cyclones, tropical cyclones, and severe weather.


My primary teaching responsibility is Synoptic Meteorology (AOSC 470/600).

Data Assimilation

Data assimilation is used for state estimation by combining observations with numerical models of a physical system.  My main area of interest is in algorithm development aimed at improving initial conditions for numerical weather prediction.  As part of my PhD thesis as well as my efforts at NCEP/EMC, I worked on developing and testing a hybrid ensemble-variational (EnVar) algorithm for use with the operational global data assimilation system and global forecast system model.  Recently, work has been focused on extending this to four dimensions, i.e. 4DEnVar:  a unique 4D variational-based method that does not require a tangent linear or adjoint model.



Image from Lahoz, W. A., and P. Schneider, Data Assimilation: Making Sense of Earth Observation, Frontiers in Environmental Science



Daryl Kleist

B.S. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ph.D. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland-College Park


Graduate Students

Donald Lippi - M.S. (2017), Current Ph.D Student, Radar assimilation for high resolution NWP

Chu-Chun Chang - Current Ph.D. Student, Tropical cyclone initialization for operational NWP

Greg Porter - M.S. (2017)

Dylan Jeffrey - Current Ph.D. Student


Undergraduate Students

Troy Arcomano - Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of TerpWRF

Kevin Dougherty - Objective classification of tropical cyclones to assist in model evaluation

Cody Snell - Evaluation of high resolution guidance for operational testing

Nick Schweiker - Evaluation of aviation products derived from operational NWP


External Graduate Student

Deng-Shun Chen (National Central University, Taiwan) - Scale-dependent weighting and localization for EnVar data assimilation

Image courtesy of http://www.physicalgeography.net/


AOSC 470/600: Synoptic Meteorology (Fall 2017)
Tu/Th, 5:00-6:15 PM, ATL 2416



AOSC 431: Atmospheric Thermodyncamics (Fall 2016)

AOSC 494: AOSC Seminar (Spring 2016)