AMSC/CMSC 663-664 Advanced Scientific Computing
Fall 2016 & Spring 2017
Course Description:
AMSC/CMSC 663/664 is a 1-year project course in sequence.
All graduate students are welcome; if prerequiste has not been fulfilled, consult the instructors.
For AMSC graduate students in SC concentration, a core requirement for their PhD degree.
Prerequisite/Corequisite and Credits:
AMSC/CMSC/MAPL 660, AMSC/CMSC/MAPL 661, and permission of the instructors.
3 Credits
No book required by the course / ask Faculty advisor of the project.
Howard Elman (CS/UMICAS)
Email:   elman at
Office [CS/UMICAS]: AVW 3125
Office hour by appointment
Email:   ide at
Office [CSCAMM]: CSIC 4127
    [AOSC]: CSS  3403
Office hour by appointment
'16 Fall 9:30am-10:45am TuTh [CSIC 4122] Class
'17 Spring 11:00am-12:15pm TuTh [AVW 3258] Class
Project Proposal
By the end of September:
  Each student finds a faculty advisor and identifies a suitable project. The proposal consists of an in-class presentation and a written report.
  The proposal should follow the guideline (pdf).
  The oral presentation should last no more than 30 minutes including questions and discussions. a sample presentation document is available.
Mid-Year Report
At the end of the fall semester (December):
  Each student gives a update report of the project progress in a written and oral form.
Status Update Presentation
In early March:
  Each student gives an oral report on the status of the year-long project and the plan to successfully complete the project.
Final Report
At the end of the spring semester (May):
  Each student gives a complete report of the project in a written and oral form, and submits the deliverables.
Weekly Report
Every Friday during the semester:
  Each student is responsible for communicating the instructors on their weekly progress.
2016-2017 Project:
Project home
Additional Materials and Information:
Course syllabus
Guideline for the proposal and reports
Notes for the meeting with project advisor & instructors
References for the past project: 2015-2016 Project Homepage
Instructor's self introduction [ Howard Elman | Kayo Ide ]
Kayo Ide at UMD AMSC 663 & 664 2016 Fall & 2017 Spring