AOSC 652: Analysis Methods in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

Week 7: 10, 12 and 14 Oct 2016

Root Finding and Function Minimization

Classroom presentation:

AOSC652_2016_1010.pdf   Video

AOSC652_2016_1012.pdf   Video

AOSC652_2016_1014.pdf   Video


Press et al., pages 340 to 360 (Section 9.0 to 9.4)

Links to Press reading: f9-0.pdf, f9-1.pdff9-2.pdf, f9-3.pdf, f9-4.pdf

Also, please have a look at Press et al., page 375: f9-6.pdf

For further details on Root Finding, see pages 61 to 79, of Numerical Methods for Engineers by Ayyub and McCuen


AOSC652_2016_assign_07.pdf  (due at start of class Monday, 17 Oct)

URLs worth looking at:

Papers referred to in these lectures:

Metropolis et al., JCP, 1953 (Simulated Annealing)

Bösch et al., JGR, 2006 (Retrieval of Column CO2)

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