AOSC 652: Analysis Methods in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

Week 10: 31 Oct; 2 and 4 Nov 2016

Multiple Linear Regression; Data Access for Projects

Classroom presentation:

AOSC652_2016_1031.pdf   Video

AOSC652_2016_1102.pdf   AOSC652_2016_1102_python.pdf   AOSC652_2016_1102_idl.pdf  Video A   Video B

AOSC652_2016_1104.pdf   AOSC652_2016_1104_python.pdf   AOSC652_2016_1104_idl.pdf   Video A   Video B


For Monday:

Pages 322 to 330, Ayyub and McCuen, Numerical Methods for Engineers, Prentice Hall

For Wednesday:

Python: Chapter 11 of DeCaria

IDL: No Reading

For Friday- these papers provide context for the assignment and should be read:

Python: No Reading

IDL: Sections 23.3 and 23.4 of Bowman (M.L.R.)

Lean and Rind, How natural and anthropogenic influences alter global and regional surface temperatures: 1889 to 2006, Geophysical Research Letters, 2008.

Lean and Rind, How will Earth's surface temperature change in future decades?, Geophysical Research Letters, 2009.

This paper may also be of interest and will be touched upon when we review the assignment during Week 11:

Canty et al., An empirical model of global climate – Part 1: A critical evaluation of volcanic cooling, ACP, 2013

Web Resources:

Linear regression:


AOSC652_2016_assign_10.pdf (due at start of class Wednesday, 9 Nov)

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