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NCAR GV taking off from Guam airport, 19 Jan 2014, for Research Flight 4 of the NSF CONTRAST field campaign

Faculty & Staff:

   Ross Salawitch (click here for biographical info)

   Tim Canty (Associate Research Professor)

   Brian Bennett (Research Assistant)

   Walt Tribett (Research Assistant)

Graduate Students

   Doyeon Ahn (CHEM)


   Linda Hembeck (AOSC)

   Austin Hope (AOSC)

   Maggie Marvin (CHEM; co-supervised w/ Glenn Wolfe)

   Laura McBride (CHEM)

   Sandra Roberts (CHEM; co-supervised w/ Glenn Wolfe)

Photos on the way for:

Pamela Wales (CHEM)

Past group members:

In order of when we had our tearful goodbyes, most recent first.

   Jonathan Hansford

UMD undergraduate class of 2017; now working at Solers.


   Dan Anderson

UMD PhD 2016; now completing Postdoctoral Fellowship at Drexel University, Philadelphia.


   Julie Nicely

UMD PhD 2016; now completing Postdoctoral Fellowship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


   Nora Mascioli

Was a UMD post-undergraduate student; now completing doctoral dissertation at Columbia University, NYC.


   Daniel Silversmith

UMD undergraduate class of 2013; now in grad school at UC Berkeley.


Kyle Hosley

UMD undergraduate class of 2011; now at NOAA/NESDIS Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, College Park, Md.

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