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The goal of SODA is to reconstruct the historical physical (and eventually biogeochemical) history of the ocean since the beginning of the 20th century. As its name implies, the Simple Ocean Data Assimilation ocean/sea ice reanalysis (SODA) uses a simple architecture based on community standard codes with resolution chosen to match available data and the scales of motion that are resolvable. Agreement with direct measurements (to within observational error estimates) as well as unbiased statistics are expected. While SODA remains a university-based research project, we want to be helpful to potential users by providing a reliable, well-documented, source of seasonal climate time-scale ocean reanalysis to complement the atmospheric reanalyses available elsewhere (NOAA/EMC, NASA/GMAO, and ECMWF, for example).


SODA3 introduced several important improvements, including finer eddy-permitting spatial resolution, active sea ice, and bias adjustment. A major source of this systematic error is the meteorological forcing (heat, freshwater, and momentum). Identifying and correcting systematic error introduced through surface forcing is the subject of Carton et al. (2018b). SODA3 was also upgraded to be an ensemble reanalysis, for which the ensemble spread provides an estimate of uncertainty. A comparison to ORAS5, which is also an ensemble reanalysis, and ECCO4r3 is provided in Carton et al. (2019).

SODA4 will introduce further improvements to spatial resolution as well as greater attention to continental circulation/exchanges and the oceanic response to severe weather. Our SODA4 development plan begins with development of the Regional Arctic Reanalysis (RAR), whose domain is limited to the subpolar and Arctic Oceans. This two-stage plan allows us to concentrate our resources on key processes and will hopefully speed the full SODA4 development.

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SODA relies on extensive collaborations. In addition to the National Science Foundation Physical Oceanography Program we owe debts to: NOAA/GFDL, NOAA/NCEP, NOAA/NESDIS (especially the Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry and NCEI), NASA/GMAO, and the NASA MAP and Physical Oceanography programs. Many individuals have contributed to SODA including: Tim Boyer, Gil Compo, Dick Dee, Eric Hackert, Sirpa Hakkinen, Sasha Ignatov, Eugenia Kalnay, Syd Levitus, Matt Maltrud, Julie McClean, Laury Miller, Steve Penny, R. Raghunath, James Reagan, Tony Santorelli, Mike Steele, and most notably Ben Giese, Xianhe Cao, and Hank Seidel.

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