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Travel Plans

Agree with the speaker on a travel plan. We usually make the hotel reservations, but let the speaker buy his/her own ticket; then he/she requests reimbursement that includes the per diem. We do not pay an honorarium.

Ask Tammy Paolino (Rm. 3411, ext. 5-5413) to make the hotel reservation. Please let the speaker know that the hotel charges the University directly, and the only payments due at check-out time are incidentals incurred during the stay.

Give directions to the speaker: how to get to the hotel; how to get to the Department; where to park, address any other needs.

For speaker who comes by car, make sure that speaker knows we need the receipt to reimburse Parking fee. In particular for local speaker, ask him/her to bring the receipt to the Departme; we can no longer validate parking tickets.


Visit, Parking, Lunch, and Seminar

Host the speaker the day of the visit (be ready for parking reimbursement; take out for lunch; sort out presentation arrangements...):

Use online sign-up sheet for anybody interested in meeting the speaker;

Make lunch arrangements and reservations for the day of the seminar (for a campus restaurant, Tammy can make up a voucher). AOSC suports lunch is up to five including the speake (or max value, whichever comes first).

For local speaker who comes by car, have the Expense Statement Form ready;

Find out the speaker's presentation needs, and take care of them (Powerpoint presentation? One or two overhead projectors?);

Introduce the speaker to the audience.



Explain reimbursement rules: original receipts are needed.

Make sure the reimbursement form is filled properly (the form is available here). Ensure it is returned to Tammy.