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Recent results

Whole story      and  Extended abstract from WCRP/SCOR workshop

Surface Currents and sea level anomalies
        during 1996-1998 Nino
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Figure. Anomalous near-surface currents in the Indian Ocean during boreal fall of 1997.
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Currents in GRADS format.

Scatterometer winds indicate that in austral winter the southern counterpart to the Intertropical Convergence Zone develops over the south tropical Atlantic off the north-east Brazil.
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Analysis of the export pathways from the equatorial Atlantic cold tongue has been done using the surface drifter trajectories.
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Seasonal mixed layer heat balance was estimated at the PIRATA buoy locations .
Whole story   Salt balance

Westerly winds (exceeding locally  18 m/s) develop in the Atlantic ITCZ east of 40W in boreal summer . Whole story

This study presents analysis of the Tropical Instability Waves in the Atlantic. Using the temperature, salinity, and velocity data from the PIRATA mooring at 0N, 23W we argue that the baroclinic and barotropic energy conversions are equally important in feeding energy to TIWs if the wave-induced salinity fluctuations are taken into account.  Whole story